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Admission Process and Timeline

Generic Info Regarding the 2024 Intake Process as reference below

All applicants are required to complete all stages of the selection process before an offer can be made.

All students selected will be completing the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. The process outlined evaluates a student's ability to gain from a UWC education as well as complete the IB Diploma Programme. Further information about the IB Diploma Programme is available on the College website and

Three Round of Applications 

Starting from July 2023 we will be receiving applications in three rounds.

  • First Round Deadline: 23rd October 2023
  • Second Round Deadline: 13th November 2023
  • Third Round Application Cycle: Rolling


Students who submit a full application form by the First Round deadline will be considered first. Submission before second round application deadline will be considered for Challenge Day.

Applications completed after the Second Round deadline will be considered on a rolling (first-come first-served) basis. Students are encouraged to submit their complete applications as soon as possible.

All information submitted by 23.59hours on the deadline day of each round. Late applications will not be considered for the respective rounds - contact us at should you have any challenges in abiding by this deadline.

Note: All financial documents should be submitted by December 31st 2023 to be considered for Scholarship.


Challenge Day (Sunday 3rd December 2023)

  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend a Challenge Day at LPCUWC, where they will participate in different group activities. The purpose of the activities is to gain a better understanding of the candidates, to evaluate their suitability to a UWC environment and for them to get a taste of interacting with current students and recent graduates of UWC.
  • Challenge Day: 3rd December 2023 (Sunday)
  • Venue: LPCUWC or online
  • Time: 8:15 am to 5:30 pm

Panel Interview (January - March 2024)

  • A final short list of applicants will be invited to a panel interview, during which the candidate's understanding of current events, attitudes towards serving others and philosophy of life are explored.
  • For applicants applying through the UWC Scholarship Scheme, a Financial Circumstances Data Form has to be returned by the designated deadline for the applicant to be considered for a scholarship award.
  • Panel Interview Dates: early January - late February 2024
  • Venue: LPCUWC or online

Notification of Offers (finalised by April 2024)

  • Overseas UWC Schools and Colleges

Successful applicants will be notified of their preliminary UWC offer and scholarship award by early April 2023. Once the applicants have accepted the preliminary offer, they will be officially nominated to the respective UWC schools and colleges. Final confirmation of offer from the overseas UWC schools and colleges will be in May 2024.


Successful applicants will be notified of their offer from LPCUWC by early March 2024. The amount of scholarship awarded will be notified by June 2024.

Note to Hong Kong applicants who are currently overseas

Alternatives could be made for applicants who are unable to attend some of these selection dates if they are currently studying or living abroad. Please detail the current situation on the application form or contact the Admission Office at