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Available Opportunities and Scholarships

NOTE: Fee remissions/scholarship route for 2021 intake is now closed. 

If you do not require fee remissions/scholarship, please complete your application to Li Po Chun UWC via the Global Selections Programme (GSP) route: We will continue to accept application via Global Selections Programme (GSP) on a rolling basis. 

Application for 2022 intake will commence in Summer 2021. 

For any inquiries, please email


Generic Info about Scholarships at UWC for reference

At all UWC schools and colleges, it is our basic philosophy to select students purely on merit and their financial background is not a hindrance for them to be selected. Therefore, the UWC Scholarship Scheme provides scholarships and fee remission to selected students according to their financial need on a means-tested basis.

A range of scholarships amounts are given according to need up to a full scholarship. A full scholarship to attend a UWC covers tuition, textbooks and accommodation fees. Scholarships do not cover air fare, travel expenses, pocket money and other incidental expenses.

Scholarships and Places available for the term 2021-23 (Tentative):


Approximately 50 scholarships are available to Hong Kong Applicants on a means-tested basis to study at LPCUWC.

These scholarships are funded by the Lord Wilson UWC Scholarship Fund, and LPCUWC's own Endowment Funds, set up with the generous support of the Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund and Lord Wilson UWC Scholarship fund donations.

Overseas UWCs

Approximately 10 scholarships are available to Hong Kong Applicants to attend any one of the following UWC colleges, tenable at a selection of the following:




North America:

Central/South America:


Note that not all Colleges may offer places to Hong Kong students every year. Scholarship support is provided according to need on a means-tested basis, subject to review under the Fee Remission Scheme

These scholarships are funded by charitable organisations (including Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund, Sir Jack Cater Scholarship Trust Fund and Lord Wilson UWC Scholarship Fund) and donations from alumni and supporters of UWC.