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UWCHK World Explorer Scholarship

The UWC World Explorer Scholarship targets to fund (on a need-based basis) a full two year education to 5 students who are interested to exploring the farer corners of the world and engage in a once-in-a-lifetime experience to student in six selected UWC schools:
  • UWC Mahindra (Pune, India)
  • UWC Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Europe)
  • UWC Dilijan (Armenia, Europe)
  • UWC East Africa (Tanzania, East Africa)
  • UWC Waterford Kamhlaba (Eswatini, Southern Africa)
  • UWC Changshu (Changshu, China)

If you are interested in travelling to another part of the world to learn about different cultures and religions, develop your sense of idealism, and can cope with an academically challenging programme while staying active in community services and other student activities, you should apply!

Apply to become part of the UWC Movement, and start living, breathing and sharing the UWC values to make a difference in the global community now!


More about the Program...:
  • Full Two Year Scholarship:
    • Full coverage of academics tuition fees, textbook and accommodation expenses for the full two years, which is approximately HK$250,000 per year. Scholarships do not cover air fare, travel expenses, pocket money and other incidental expenses.
    • Scholarship is awarded on need-based basis. Applicants will need to go through the standard selections process and a subsequent financial and suitability assessment. 
  • Pastoral Care:
    • UWCHK has a pastoral care team, formed by alumni who have attended an Overseas UWC and/or with relevant professional experiences (e.g. Psychology), that helps look after the transition and adjustment of students to an Overseas UWC environment, ensuring that all students who gets sent overseas will get adequate care personally, emotionally and physically to enjoy a rewarding and life changing education at their respective schools
  • Mentorship Program:
    • To ensure each scholar gets adequate guidance on how to transition from the two year UWC education to their college education and subsequently the start of their career, each scholar will be paired with a young mentor in addition to the donor for mentoring on the long term lifeplanning. Regular touchpoints pre-travel, within academic year, in the summer will be scheduled between scholars and mentors to facilitate such discussions.
Quota: 5 students only, beginning from the academic term of 2023~2025
Eligibility to Apply:
  • Education:
    • The scholarship is open to current Secondary 4 or 5 (or its equivalent) students in the application year.
  • Nationality:
    • Hong Kong applicants must be permanent HKID card holders or dependent visa holders
  • Financial:
    • Students who apply for the scholarship must come from families means-tested to be unable to afford any fees to attend these schools. 


Scholar Commitment:
  • Complete the two full years of studying unless medially excused
  • Bi-Monthly write-ups to Donors
  • Participate as mentors to support to the scholarship programme post graduation


How to Apply / Selection Process:
No different from applying to the UWCHK selections process.

Students will not be considered differently in a separate stream until after the panel interview stage, and will be selected first purely on merit (personal and academic), with scholarship awarded with reference to the financial situation of select students’ families after the panel interview stage.

Specifically, follow the below steps to get selected

1. Submit Application:
  • Simply apply via by submitting your personal info, essay responses and supporting documents.
  • Ensure that yu have listed one or more of the World Explorer Scholarship’s schools within your top 3 UWC School choices to be formally considered for this scholarship program
  • At the end of the application, please specifically fill in the question on “UWC World Explorer Scholarship” to share to us why you should be considered for this program

(Failure to indicate preferences to attend one or more of the above schools and answer the related question might discount your chances to be correctly evaluated for this program. If there are any questions, please email for assistance)

2. Get invited & participate in Challenge Day
3. Submit Financial Aid documentation by December 31st
4. Get invited & participate in Panel Interview
5. Donor interview for final scholarship assessment